Fifteen years ago, the company under the umbrella of one producer, made around 150 products.

In the course of the years, on anticipating changes on the market, we adapted to them and drastically reduced the number of articles and became specialized meaning that today, we have a smaller range of high quality fresh sausage and cooked ham products at two mono-operating sites.

Our customers appreciate this competence.



Cooked ham

Germany’s fridges are hardly imaginable without our cooked ham specialities thanks to their top quality.

Counting among them are our classics like the Delikatess Hinterkochschinken or the popular Delikatess Gourmet Metzgerschinken, each vacuum packed to protect the aroma and available in stores.

Cooked ham



Our boiled sausage specialities enjoy national and international popularity and are as always in trend.

Counting among these are our classics like the Delikatess Rheinische Schinkenwurst 800 g or in a 400 g pack, Delikatess Jagdwurst 800 g or also in a 400 g pack.

Boiled sausage